Gutterbreed by Marty Young

Gutterbreed by Marty Young

Bi-polar has ruined Detective Jenny Ashton’s life, but when she gets the chance to use the disease for good, she takes it, even though it leads her into a world that shouldn’t exist, filled with monsters of the very worst kind.

Something lurks within the dark alleys of Parkton, preying upon the dead homeless forever trapped there. A naturally evolved predator, one the town itself doesn’t want – and one Ashton has already faced before.

Pursuing a sadistic killer she knows to be dead, Ashton is sucked into the realm of the Gutterbreed; can she defeat the evil that lurks within Parkton’s alleyways before it spills out into the real world?

And what price will such a victory cost?

Gutterbreed by Marty Young

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