Nominated for an Australian Shadows Award & an Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel!

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Bi-polar has ruined Detective Jenny Ashton’s life, but when she gets the chance to use the disease for good, she takes it, even though it leads her into a world that shouldn’t exist, filled with monsters of the very worst kind.

Gutterbreed by Marty Young

Something lurks within the dark alleyways of Parkton, preying upon the Gutterbreed forever trapped there. A naturally evolved predator, one the town itself doesn’t want – and one Ashton has already faced before.

Byron James knows these alleys and the Darkness they contain. He’s spent a lifetime walking them. A lifetime trying to escape. His skin is marked with the passage of his trespass – but he’s never encountered anything like this.

As Byron guides Ash deeper into insanity on the hunt for a killer, they discover far worse than Albert ‘Skinner’ Reynolds waiting for them in the dark. A growing nightmare festers in the shadows of Parkton, its madness eager for the real world.

Only Ash stands in its way – but is this a battle she’s willing to fight? 

Praise for Gutterbreed

“There are plenty of novels on the market with alternative realities which are dark reflections of our world, but few are as relentingly nasty as Marty Young’s creation, Gutterbreed. This vicious 182-page tale of deprivation should come with a government health warning, as you’re unlikely to read anything as bleak this year.”

– Tony Jones, Ginger Nuts of Horror

“Marty Young takes our latent fear of darkened alleyways and transforms them into a labyrinthian nightmare. Sin, lost souls, and a bleakness so potent you can’t help but fall victim to the Gutterbreed.”

– Greg Chapman, two-time Bram Stoker Award-nominated author

“Original and compelling Aussie horror. Gritty and well-written. I recommend this one.”

– Alan Baxter, multi-award winning author

“I must say this was even more impressive than the back jacket copy or summary. There were elements of Silent Hill and Hellraiser woven deep into a unique and very dark urban setting. Crumbling, rot and moss infected alleyways mirrored wonderfully in every character and I am glad there is more from Byron and Ash hinted at in the future.”

– Lydia Peever

“Gutterbreed is to my mind the definition of dark fiction. It takes a strong stomach to read, but you will be rewarded for your efforts, as the writing is filled with lyrical beauty. Employing his elegant style, the author manages to makes wrenching ugliness and utter despair gorgeous—no small feat.” 5 stars.

– Paula Berinstein